Are you ready to boost your restaurant wine sales by 20%?

Of course you are! Who would say no to great bottom line profits and happy clients? It’s simple: hire a sommelier. Well, not exactly a standard sommelier but a digital sommelier.

It even gets better, we paired our digital sommelier with a free designer tool so that you can also offer beautifull menus for your paper friendly clients!

Increase your wine sales by 20% for only $30 per month!

Menu template and sommelier tool

You’re in good hands:

How it works:

Your new digital sommelier

Offer now Wine Picker app to your clients, a digital sommelier app that automatically finds the best wines from your wine list, matching their dishes and budget. Forget about expensive iPad wine list, with Wine Picker, no need to buy expensive iPads, your clients just download the app on their phone from Google Play or the App store. The best is that it automatically updates when you change menus on Wine Manager.

Increase wine sales by up to 20%

Advanced pairing algorythm to always match the client food and budget

Matches your wines list all the time.

Increase customer satisfaction and retention

Instantly removes wines that are no available anymore.

Complete winemaker notes 
and tasting notes to help client selection.

“It’s a really interesting tool that will help lots of our customers who are already interested in wine, as well as people who may not know as much […] Our industry has changed a lot in the last few years, as have our customers […]embrace this kind of technology”

Your new in house menu designer

No need to be a designer to make beautiful menus. Use Wine Manager online design tool to drag and drop interface to create professional looking menus.

Menu templates

Tailored to create professional food menu and wine lists: even booklets!

Update items in seconds

Linked to Wine Picker so what your clients see is always up to date

Link to your website and never upload a menu online again

No need to hire external designers

“It is a win-win deal. Restaurants are able to deliver better service and consumers have better experiences”

In the press


“My name is Julien. I’m looking forward to help you offer better suited wines to your clients, don’t hesitate to connect if you need any help. Over my carrer, I noticed that unguided clients always end-up on the cheap end of the wine list. Wine Picker gives them to confidence to spend more on better bottles.”